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Cat, dogs and babies

My! Have my Saturday mornings changed. Instead of staying comfy in bed browsing the Internet, I’m now entertaining my 2 year old with puppies and babies YouTube videos. In case you have a kid that enjoys these types of videos too, here are our top picks:

  1. Puppies and Babies Playing Together
  2. Babies Laughing Hysterically at Dogs
  3. Cats Meeting Puppies for the First Time

Ted Talks on Parenting Taboos

I love this Ted Talks on Parenting Taboos. If you have a spare 18 minutes, I strongly encourage you to stop what you’re doing and watch this. Especially for new moms. publishers Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman, in a lively tag-team, expose 4 facts that parents never, ever admit — and why they should. Funny and honest, for parents and nonparents alike.

Songs about places

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear I’m in Miami B&*$ch! It makes me want to travel to Miami. Sad I know. What can I say, I’m a sucker for advertising.

Here are a few songs about places that you could visit. Let me know if you think of any others.


Toronto, Ontario


Miami, Florida


New York, New York


Las Vegas, Nevada


San Francisco, California




What song makes you think of a destination?

Breath Holding Spells

Doing dad things at #cheo #ottawa

Has your child or a friend that you know have a child that has experienced a Breath Holding Spells (BHS)?

On Tuesday, our daughter had one. I’ve never had a more fighting experience in my life. She was totally fine one minute, then the next she fell on the ground, hit her head (not hard) and started crying. I picked her up to console her (nothing out of the ordinary) and she eventually worked herself up into crying fit that led to her passing out. I thought it was a seizure at first, because she just seized up in my arms… It was scary.

I’ve been reading a ton of information about this on the Internet, but what I’m really looking for are other parents who have been through this. It’s one thing to read advice and articles on the Internet; it’s another to speak to someone who has a child that has BHS.

Here are some highlights of information I found on the Internet:

Frequency ranges from several times a day to as low as once a year, with the majority of children exhibiting several episodes per week. – Website

Breath-holding spells often occur as part of toddler tantrums. – Website

Breath-holding spells only occur when the child is awake and usually when the child is standing. – Website

Breath-holding spells can happen in healthy children between 6 months and 6 years old, but are most common during the second year of life. – Website

I have a family doctor appointment this week to see if she might be anemic. She’s not keen on meat these days, so I wonder if that’s one of the reasons that caused this. But then again, while we were at CHEO, they also found that she has an ear infection.

If your child goes into a spell, stops breathing and passes out, this website suggests to:

If your child has a breath-holding spell (stops breathing; turns blue, purple, or white in the face; and passes out for brief time), stay calm and:

* check your child’s mouth for food or any object that could pose a choking hazard once your child regains consciousness

* roll your child over onto his or her side

* remove all objects or furniture within reach in case your child has a seizure

* begin administering CPR if your child does not resume breathing

The Kids Health website also has some good reminders for parents:

Key points to remember children commonly hold their breath:

· after a fright or becoming upset
· children may appear drowsy and sleep for a while after a breath-holding spell
· children with breath holding don’t usually have a serious underlying illness children should not be treated differently to other children after a breath-holding spell

Another website also suggests tracking social events that precede and follow BHS. I’ve written mine down in our family’s Google Calendar. I wrote a very detailed “event” with everything that happened.

If you are the parents of a child that had a BHS and found my blog, because like me, this is the first time it has happened to your child, I’m sorry, I’m not super helpful, but I’m here for you. Please let me know how you’re coping.

If you’re wondering what a Breath Holding Spell looks like, here is a YouTube video I found of a child going through it. Warning: This video may be disturbing for some, but it’s very real. Read the users comment about their experience with BHS. They posted the video to hopefully help other parents (like me), going through the same thing.

Twins! Amy Farrah Fowler and Jenny


To prepare for my adventures with liquid eye liner, I took a selfie of myself pre-makeup. The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture is how much I think I look like Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. Okay, we’re not sisters or anything, but you can see the resemblance right?

I’m a huge fan of the show and Mayim Bialik (she’s also a fellow blogger!). Here are some cool videos featuring Mayium Bialik:

The Amy Farrah Fowler tiara moment

If you have an hour to spare, he’s a YouTube video of the best Big Bang Theory – Amy & Sheldon moments

But really, you’re just watching the video above to see Sheldon and Amy kiss on the train

Mayim Bialik was also on the show What Not to Wear

Are you a fan of the show? Which character is your favourite and why?


Did you enjoy my #25songs25days challenge? Want to hear all the songs on one YouTube playlist? You can, right here:

Beauty Advice Needed: Basic Makeup Demo

Hello makeup savvy blog friends,

I’ve made another vlog and this time it’s about make up. I need your help. I’ve made this embarrassing video demoing how I put on my makeup in the morning. For years, I’ve done it this way and I can’t help feeling that I’m doing it wrong. What do you think?

Do you have any advice for me? Should I be using a different product? Brush? Am I putting too much or too little on? Let me know.


Here are a few links to things I mention in the video:

Physicians Formula


The Social on CTV

Quo at Shoppers Drug Mart



Shoppers Drug Mart

On a side note, I think I have it under control on how to remove eye makeup. I use coconut oil.

Day 25 – A song that you could listen to all day without getting tired of it

This is my last post in the #25songs25days challenge.

Hmm… a song that I could listen to all day without getting tired of it… I can’t think of many. However, I do really enjoy this song and could listen to it on repeat right now.



Day 24 – A song that you have danced to with your best friend

Here you go!

Notice a trend of Justin Timberlake music? 🙂

Day 23 – A song that you can not stand to listen to

Sorry mom, I just can’t stand this her voice. Anyone else remember Suzanne Pinel?

As much as I can’t stand this song, my daughter just loves it. Mom is always right.