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Style Board: Rosetta Stone


Style Board: Cardigan from Hart

One of my favourite things to do Thursday afternoon is to browse the flyers in our local newspaper. With leggings in mind, I’m now looking out for deals on shirts, cardigans and tunics (that you can buy locally) that might go with a pair of Buskins leggings. Here’s a cardigan that I found this week:



Ladies Cardigan – Hart ($14.97)

Berry Bomb Fur Leggings – Buskins ($33)

Pluskins All Laced Up Leggings – Buskins ($28)

Catwalk Leggings – Buskins ($23)

Style Board: Black & White Patterned Top

I visited Value Village during their 50% off sale this month and found this great top that would go with a few different pair of leggings. This is what I put together.

Top  from Value Village ($7.99 + 50% off)

Black pretty pleats harem pants – $32 (Buskins)

Fade Blue Jean Baby leggings – $32 (Buskins)

Solid colour capri’s (shown in teal, but would recommend black) – $22 (Buskins)