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Mimijumi Bottles Adventure Ends & Need Night Breast Feeding Advice

Katie and I’s Mimijumi bottle adventure has now ended. I am waving my white flag and have given into the fact that my baby just won’t take a bottle. We are the 3% of babies that will not take a Mimijumi bottle. I’m sad, but now at peace with the fact that I will have to continue to be breast feed her for at least the next 6 months.

So breast-feeding mama’s, how do you do it? Really? I need your help.

With Isabelle, I stop breastfeeding her at 4 months. Personal decision. She did take a bottle on and off prior to that, so it was an easy transition for us. However, we did have to sleep train Isabelle at 6 months, because it took us at least 45 minutes of rocking, singing, walking, soothing, swaddling… and then she would get up 45 minutes late. I went mad. I couldn’t live like that anymore. We did the SleepEasy Solution (a version of crying it out) method and haven’t looked back.

Katie is now 4 months old. I don’t think she’ll need a CIO, BUT I need to stop these night feeds. Katie is co-sleeping with one of us every night. My husband takes the first shift and I take the second. When she sleeps with my husband, I can get 4 hour stretch of sleep at a time, but with me, we’re up every 1.5 – 2.5 hours to feed. I don’t think she needs to feed, it is more of a sleep association. How do I stop this?

Please help!


Mimijumi Adventures – Day 6

Our Mimijumi adventures continue. Today is day 6 of trying to give her the Mimijumi bottle and we have not had any success yet. Again, she tolerates it in her mouth, but not much happens.

However, I do have something to share. She took formula by spoon! This is incredible news! She loves it too.

I noticed over the last couple of weeks, that when we eat, she wants to move her mouth to eat too. It’s still a little early for her, but we were thinking about starting her on a little bit of rice cereal soon.

Tonight, I was home by myself with Katie and I didn’t have time to have pre-boiled lukewarm water to give rice cereal a try, so I tried formula. It worked! She was so excited to sip it. Not sure if it helped that I was eating soup too, but whatever, it worked.

After doing a quick Google search, it looks like I’m not alone with the spoon fed (almost) 4 month old. Another great method that they said to try is using a dropper. I really didn’t want to go that route, but a spoon I can handle.

Just needed to share my little bit of success. Still trying to get her to take a bottle, but spoon-feeding her formula is a step in the right direction. Yeah us!

Mimijumi Adventures Continue… Day 3, 4 & 5



Our mimijumi bottle adventure continues… to be unsuccessful. Katie is one smart little baby. She knows what she likes and is sticking to it. What we tried over the past couple of days:

  • Had my husband try to give it to her
  • Tried giving it to her in a different place (in the carrier)
  • Had her play with the nipple on the bottle as a teether (warmed up the nipple and had it cooled)
  • Gave it to her on the breastfeeding pillow
  • Tried giving it to her with her back against our chests

Still not working. Other tips that we were giving to try:

  • Give it to her when she’s half asleep

Do you have any more tips for trying to get her to bottle feed?

Our Mimijumi Adventures – Day 1 & 2

In the past, I’ve mentioned that our little Katie won’t take any bottles. We’ve tried:

  • 12 different bottle nipples
  • Advent nipple shields
  • 5 or 6 different types of soothers
  • Hired a lactation consultant to help with bottle feedings
  • Had her tongue tie snipped

… and nothing is working for us.

Yesterday, my Mimijumi bottles arrived. With a $60 USD price tag, I’m really hoping this works.

At mimijumi, we believe in better feeding for all babies. mimijumi baby bottles look and feel like a real breast, giving babies the most natural feeding experience possible and avoiding the nipple confusion that often results from bottle feeding.

Day 1

IMG_6055 (Video of Katie with bottle on Day 1)

Yesterday was our first day with the bottle. What we did:

  • Used room temperature Similac pre-made formula
  • My mom gave it to her while I went for a walk


Not successful. On the bright side, she did entertain the nipple in her mouth and didn’t scream during the entire process. She had lots of formula on her, but didn’t actually shallow any. I tried to give her the bottle and got the same result. No tears, but no drinking.

Day 2

Today was day 2 and it didn’t go as well as yesterday. What we did:

  • Gave freshly pumped breastmilk
  • My mom gave it to her while I was at the house, not necessarily in the same room.
  • I tried to give it to her by:
    • standing up and walking around
    • facing away from me
    • singing and talking to her
    • placing her on my breastfeeding pillow and doing the old switcheroo


Not successful. No bright side today. She cried a lot more than yesterday when we tried and didn’t entertain the bottle in her mouth at all.

Over the next 24 hours, I’d like to try to use the nipple as a teether. I might try to warm it up by placing it under warm water or putting in the fridge so it’s a bit cooler. Not sure if this will help her get used to the nipple or make my situation worse.

One of the reasons I purchased this product is because of their return policy.

If your baby continues to refuse the bottle, please return the product with its original packing

I’m going to give it 2 weeks. If it doesn’t work, *sigh*, I’ll return them. I really, really want this to work.

Any more advice?