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Back-to-School – Coolest 90s Style School Supplies

Can you smell it? First day of school is in the air. Last week, some students went back to school and this week the rest will be attending class. Also, let’s not forget you mom’s out there that took the summer off to be with your kids. You’re going back-to-work too. Pretty exciting eh?

A friend of mine posted a picture on Instagram of her daughter’s first day going into the second grade. She was wearing a cat dress and had a blue zebra striped bag (most likely from Justice). It got me thinking. What was cool when I was going to school in the 80s and 90s?

Off to Pinterest I go.

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WOW! Do you remember this stuff? Take a look at all the coolest 90s style school supplies I pinned below.

Do you remember Mr. Sketch markers*, troll pencil topper**, Yikes! pencils, New Kids on the Block pencil cases***?

Where you excited to go home from school, have your mom make you a snack so you could watch Full House, Family Matters and Saved By the Bell?

90s pencil collection

Recently, my parents sold their house in my hometown. While they were cleaning out the place, my mom gave me some pencils from my old pencil collection. Aren’t these cool? I actually brought a few of the silver sparkly ones to the office with me.

What school supplies do you remember the most from your childhood? Did you have any Lisa Frank supplies? What is the new in-thing for kids these days? Do they not care for Five Star binders anymore and all want iPads with wireless keyboards?

Talk to me.


* You can still  buy Mr. Sketch Markers at Here’s a commercial for Mr. Sketch Markers.

** For you troll lovers, there are a lot of sellers on eBay selling lots of trolls. If you have one or two that you’re looking to get ride of, I would love to have it! Email me.

*** I’m pretty sure that this is the one that I had.

My September (New Years Eve) Resolutions

IMG_1567 Let’s talk about resolutions. Are you a September or January type resolution maker? Do you get excited every January to write down your resolutions and open them up again December 31st or do you look at the past couple of months in August and try to make things better?

I would like to consider myself to be more of a September resolution maker. Every August, I start thinking about things I would like to do or learn this year. This feeling to make resolutions every September probably comes from getting ready to go back-to-school. Some resolutions I’ve made in the past are: I’m going to make new friends, study more, get better grades, etc…

This September, I would like to write a successful blog, get rid of clothing I don’t wear or need, get to  know my collegues a little better, be a great mom to my daughter and teach her some pretty cool things. I also want to nail down the afterwork choas and make them better, because omg! I can’t keep living like this. I would like to get myself back to the gym. I haven’t been in a while and I’m really starting to feel sluggish about this.

Do you make resolutions in September? What’s on your list?




Day 03 – A song that reminds you of one or both of your parents

I can picture myself, maybe 10 years old, in the back seat of our family mini-van, listing to this song. I can picture it like it was yesterday. This song doesn’t mean that much to me, other than every time I hear it, I have this vivid memory of our family on a road trip. Enjoy!

Do you remember Raffi (@Raffi_RC)?

For those of you that are born in the 80’s, do you remember Raffi*? He sang songs like “Bumping Up and Down”, “Down by the Bay**” and “Baby Beluga”. Yeah. Right a bell? Saturday morning, there was nothing on TV, so searched YouTube on our Apple TV and found some awesome Raffi Playlists. Here are a few that I found:

I hope this makes your Sunday just a little bit brighter.




*Did you know that Raffi was an Egyptian-born Canadian singer-songwriter? Pretty awesome eh?

**Did you also know that there is a children’s book called “Down by the bay”? It’s only $7.95 at Chapters.

Cool stuff: Duplo

Do you remember Duplo? I do. It’s really great for kids. Gets their creative juices flowing if you know what I mean.

When I was out thrift store hunting yesterday and we saw a big ol’ bag of it. I wish I would have bought it. Once I got home, I took a look on Pinterest to see what cool stuff I could have made with it. Here’s my Pinterest board on Be Creative – Duplo.

 Did you ever play with Duplo? Do you remember anything you made with it? Do you have a cool pin that I should have a look at? 

Once my daughter starts playing with it, I’ll post some of her creations here.