Buskins Leggings: Review


I’ve sold these Buskins leggings for about a month and a half now (when Katie was 3 months) and I’m ready to write my first real review of the product.

Buskins Leggings are soft, durable and great quality. made from polyester and spandex, you will never go anywhere else for leggings again. buskins leggings carries, regular, fleece and fur lined leggings and sizes include toddler to women. Buskins has a small collection of plus size women’s patterns and are looking forward to expanding that line as well.

Buskins come in the following sizes for leggings.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.45.33 PM

The Good:

  • These leggings are as comfortable as they say they are.
  • The one size does fit different sizes.
  • I’ve found that brighter colours do better with multiple washes.
  • It says hand wash, but I’ve been able to get by putting my leggings inside out in a dedicates laundry bag and hang to dry.
  • No underwear lines.

The Bad:

  • I paid an extra $10 to buy a pair of the joggers (which I love), but I find that my little drawstring ribbon frays. Luckily, there is a lot of help on the internet to help me with this.
  • Someone who I sold leggings to, said that her leggings ripped on her when trying them on, but already took off the tag. Please do not take off the Buskins tag when trying them on. If it’s within 14 days, I can return them and refund you. (Return policy)
  • I have a pair of black and white shattered leggings and found that the colour faded a little. This didn’t happen with my brighter pairs.

The Ugly:

  • Some of the patterns that Buskins offers are down right, dare I say, ugly? But you know what? These patterns would be great for to get some attention, for an 80s party theme or for Halloween, so don’t disregard them right away!

The Best:

  • You can buy these leggings from me 24/7! Just click here.
  • All the prices on the website are in CDN dollars and include taxes and shipping!

What are your thoughts so far on the leggings you’ve received?