6 Online Stores with Nursing Tops Under $30


(image from Gap Canada)

Since Katie, doesn’t seem any closer to taking a bottle, I’m starting to look into getting more nursing wear. Now that I have some fabulous leggings to wear, I now need to update my tops too. I’m using the ones I have so much, that they’re starting to fall apart. I don’t want to spend a fortune on these tops. I would like to keep my entire outfit to under $55. The leggings are ~$23, so now to find tops under $30.

My requirements: They must be either long sleeve or a tank top so I can cover up with a fun cardigan. I’m not keen on t-shirts.

Here’s what I found so far:


Motherhood Maternity

Thyme Maternity


Gap Canada

BumbleWee Nursing Wear

My favourite top of the bunch is the one I posted a picture of above from Gap Canada. I’m going to “attempt” to go shopping again tomorrow. I’ll see if I find anything before I order them online.