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10 things that made my breastfeeding journey easier

For those that have followed, I’ve had a lot of difficulty giving my 4.5 month old a bottle. At 6 weeks, I started to introduce a bottle with no luck. Recently, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have a baby that just won’t take a bottle.

Now, I’m just happy to have a #fedbaby.

I have such a love hate relationship with breastfeeding. During this difficult time for me, I have found a few tools along the way that have made my breastfeeding journey a little easier for me. Here is a list of a few of my favourite things:

Jolly Jumper Nursing Pillow

There is a variety of nursing pillows that you can purchase these days, but this one is my favourite. The shape and thickness of it, makes breastfeeding easy on my back. I did try to get one of the free nursing pillows, but it just wasn’t as comfortable in my opinion.

Nursing pyjamas

You would think that any old shirt would do, but yes, I found that nursing pyjamas make a difference. Motherhood maternity and Thyme often have sales on nursing clothing. Keep an eye out for sales while pregnant. You’ll thank yourself later for picking something up.

Medela sleep bra

So comfortable. That is all.

Disposable nursing pads

The last couple of days, I’m giving washable nursing pads a try, but I don’t find they give me the same confidence that I won’t soak through the pad as the disposable ones. I’m not a cloth diaper type person, probably not a washable nursing pad type person either. I love me my disposables.


When I’m getting up for multiple feeds in the night, I’m half asleep. I appreciate having a little bit of light to help me nurse. I really like the flickering candle night light. It’s just bright enough for me to see, but not enough to get the baby stimulated.

Water bottle

Speaking of night feeds, I’m always so thirsty at night. I always have a bottle of water beside the bed.


I use my iPhone all the time while nursing, it’s probably the only time I have to check emails, think of future blog posts, post about Buskins … but I have to admit, as I am typing this blog post on the computer and nursing Katie right now. Look at me multitasking.

Lactation consultant

When Katie wouldn’t take the bottle, I hired a lactation consultant. She was very aware of my goals and tried to help me problem solve. Although, Katie is still not taking a bottle, I still feel like I learned a lot and would recommend hiring a consultant if you feel you need one.

Nursing cover

I really love my nursing cover that I got for free. You can get your own free Udder Cover too clicking here.

Good baby

As difficult as this has been for me, Katie has been a real treat to breast feed. She latches on well, she’s always in a good mood, only cries if something is wrong, smiles and laughs under the cover. She’s an easy baby to breastfeed. I am thankful for that.

That’s it for me. What are some of the things you found the most useful while breastfeeding?

A Different Kind of Paint Night – Scentsy Colour Away Party

My friend Amy is a Scentsy representative and has come up with this super awesome idea! It’s a unique twist to the regular paint nights that most of us have done.

Instead of painting a canvas (then putting it under the bed so no one sees it), why colour your own Scentsy warmer? There are two beautiful warmers to choose from Reimagine and Calavera. I chose Reimagine.


The event is being held at the Thai Destination restaurant in Constance Bay on Thursday, May 12. If you would like to join, you can join the Facebook event here.

Where is Constance Bay? It’s only 20 minutes from Kanata March Rd exit off the highway.

Staycation: Travelodge Carling Ave West

While I was pregnant, I bought a Groupon to stay at the Travelodge Carling Ave West. My big idea was for Isabelle and I to have a “girls night”. We would do our nails, hair, swim, go for breakfast, the works… but things didn’t work out that way.


Here we are, the threesome that staid over night at the Travelodge. Since Katie still won’t take a bottle, we had to improvise. After Isabelle’s nap, I drove the three of us to the ‘lodge and got the room ready for the evening. Andre joined us shortly after work and we had a great time. We used the pool lots, ordered in and went to bed early and had a lovely time.

The “good”:

  • The room size was just enough for one night. We had a queen size bed and pull out couch, with a pool view room.
  • The pool view room was ideal, because of the indoor patio. We used it often for playing with the girls.
  • We ordered in Swiss Chalet (my choice!) and they delivered the food right to our hotel room.
  • The kiddie pool water was very, very warm. We were all very pleased with the temperature of the water.
  • Breakfast was included in our package. Although it was a basic continental breakfast, it had a lot of food options that pleased Isabelle (Eggo’s, hard-boiled eggs, apples).

The “bad”:

  • Since Katie is co-sleeping, the room layout worked well for sleeping arrangements. However, I was second guessing myself about sleeping with Katie so I requested for a crib/playpen. They didn’t have any on hand. It’s okay, but I have to be honest I was a little disappointed they didn’t have one for us.

The “I wish I would have done differently”:

  • Bring less stuff. I over packed. I had a ton of diapers and wipes, way more than I needed for 24 hours. It was a little over kill. Since I had to bring two large duffel bags, car seat and toddler to the room by myself, it was a little difficult.
  • I wish the hotel would have had one more activity for kids to do. Other than walk up and down the hallways to the ice machine, there wasn’t much to keep Isabelle busy. Next time, I would maybe try to plan to do something with the girls close to the hotel.

Since Katie doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to taking a bottle and is terrible in a car seat, I think local hotel staycations are the way to go for us for now. Do you have a recommendation for another Ottawa kid-friendly hotel that we should try? I’ve heard that the Brookstreet is very good. Thoughts?

Soon-to-be-mom checklist

(image from here)

Are you a soon-to-be-mom and feeling a little unprepared? You’re not alone. Here are some great tips to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival:


  • Breast pads (disposable and/or reusable ones)
  • Nipple cream
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Vitamin D for baby


  • Make lots of frozen foods (including breakfast and snacks)
  • Make lots of food that’s easy to prepare and eat with one hand
  • If someone offers to make you food, accept it!


  • Make a list of friends and family that offered to help and actually call them when you need a hand, don’t be shy


  • Bring lots of pads for after you give birth
  • Bring vaseline for the baby’s first couple of diaper changes
  • Bring your own LARGE towel
  • Bring only zippered pjs for the baby

Set up

  • If your house is multi-level, you may want to make yourself a baby changing station on each level of your house (diapers, cream, wipes, etc…)
  • Get another bouncy chair (newborn +) or small jumperoo to put the baby in when you have a shower
  • Buy scent free detergent to wash baby clothing


Things to do

  • Make a list of all local mommy & me playgroups
  • Check out my list of things to do on maternity leave
  • Visit the Early Years Centre website and see what classes and workshops they offer (free)

Today Girls Leggings Only $19.04

Buskins prices on the website fluctuate, because it is an American company. They put the price in American dollars and the Canadian prices change based on how the dollar is doing. Today, girls leggings are only $19.04 (.o4 people!!).

Today is all about the little women. Here are two great styles of girls wearing patterned leggings:

I love these floral prints with this turquoise blazer. Buskins has similar leggings for girls.


(click image for source)




Although not the exact same, Buskins has very similar leggings for only $19.05 for girls.


(Click image for source)



Mommy & Me Styles Available Now

Still looking for a gift for Mother’s Day? Here are some great mommy & me styles that are currently available on the Buskins website.



Brush strokes (o/s, girls)
Patriot (o/s, girls)
Graffiti (o/s, girls)
Combat blues (o/s, girls)
Commando (o/s, +/s, girls)
Melon party capri (o/s, girls)
Neapolitan (o/s, girls)
Red Lush (/o/s, girls)
Walk on the wild side (o/s, girls)
Wonderland (o/s, girls)
Neon Feather (o/s, girls)

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone that came out to this weekend’s sale. We had a great time. The weather was nice, the kids loved playing outside and it was fun to sell some of my products.

My next sale is in 3 weeks in Kinburn, ON. I hope you can come out and see me there!


3 Heartwarming Pictures of Animals and Children

Here are three beautiful photographs of children with their pet.

These photos warm my heart.

(image taken from here)

(image taken from here)

(image taken from here)

Come out Saturday!


Everyone has been working very hard here this week to prepare for this weekend’s sale. I hope you’ll come out despite the chilly temperatures. We have six families participating in the garage sale. Plus, Andre has a garage full (FULL!) of furniture to sell, a friend of mine has some really, really, really good smelling Scentsy products and a another friend of mine will be selling some super moisturizing  homemade soaps. I have a lot of leggings and craft projects that are ready to make their way into your home.

C?ome out and join us!