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Mommy & Me Styles

The Buskins website doesn’t have a great Mommy & Me section right now, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find some great patterns that are available in One Size and Child. Here’s what I found:

Mommy & Me

  • Brush Stroke
  • Cover Me
  • Commando
  • Galaxy
  • Melon Party
  • Neapolitan
  • Rockin Chevron
  • Undercover
  • Walk on the Wild Side
  • Wonderland
  • Neon Feather

All one sizes are currently ($22*) and child sizes are ($20*).

Interested in any of these styles? Visit the Buskins website.


  • Prices on March 31, 2015.

Our Mimijumi Adventures – Day 1 & 2

In the past, I’ve mentioned that our little Katie won’t take any bottles. We’ve tried:

  • 12 different bottle nipples
  • Advent nipple shields
  • 5 or 6 different types of soothers
  • Hired a lactation consultant to help with bottle feedings
  • Had her tongue tie snipped

… and nothing is working for us.

Yesterday, my Mimijumi bottles arrived. With a $60 USD price tag, I’m really hoping this works.

At mimijumi, we believe in better feeding for all babies. mimijumi baby bottles look and feel like a real breast, giving babies the most natural feeding experience possible and avoiding the nipple confusion that often results from bottle feeding.

Day 1

IMG_6055 (Video of Katie with bottle on Day 1)

Yesterday was our first day with the bottle. What we did:

  • Used room temperature Similac pre-made formula
  • My mom gave it to her while I went for a walk


Not successful. On the bright side, she did entertain the nipple in her mouth and didn’t scream during the entire process. She had lots of formula on her, but didn’t actually shallow any. I tried to give her the bottle and got the same result. No tears, but no drinking.

Day 2

Today was day 2 and it didn’t go as well as yesterday. What we did:

  • Gave freshly pumped breastmilk
  • My mom gave it to her while I was at the house, not necessarily in the same room.
  • I tried to give it to her by:
    • standing up and walking around
    • facing away from me
    • singing and talking to her
    • placing her on my breastfeeding pillow and doing the old switcheroo


Not successful. No bright side today. She cried a lot more than yesterday when we tried and didn’t entertain the bottle in her mouth at all.

Over the next 24 hours, I’d like to try to use the nipple as a teether. I might try to warm it up by placing it under warm water or putting in the fridge so it’s a bit cooler. Not sure if this will help her get used to the nipple or make my situation worse.

One of the reasons I purchased this product is because of their return policy.

If your baby continues to refuse the bottle, please return the product with its original packing

I’m going to give it 2 weeks. If it doesn’t work, *sigh*, I’ll return them. I really, really want this to work.

Any more advice?

Style Board: Rosetta Stone


My top 3 picks for the first 3 months of living with a newborn

Our little newborn has now become an infant. She’s out of that delicate neck stage and into the “put me on my tummy and let me practice lifting my head” stage or the “I always want to be standing” stage. Over the last three months, the following items have been extremely helpful to us. I wanted to share what was on our must list for the first three months of Katie’s life.

  • Ektorp pull out sofa: Not going to lie, this was number 1 on our must have on our list. Katie, like our first, will not sleep in her crib. I tried many times and as soon as I put her down, she wakes up. The only way we can get her to sleep is in the carrier or on us. In order for us to make bed sharing as safe as possible, my husband and I sleep in separate beds to make sure there is lots and room and no major mountain of covers that might suffocate her. This is what we’ve found that works for us.


  • Baby Bjorn Original Carrier – This carrier has done wonders for us. Especially with a second child, we need our hands free more often than not. This carrier has helped us get through some difficult evenings, because she sleeps like a dream in it. Another thing I love about this carrier, is that it’s really quick to strap on (very useful when the baby is crying at the top of her lungs). Clip and click and you’re all set.

  • Jolly Jumper Breastfeeding Pillow – If you plan on breastfeeding, this pillow is excellent. I have a very bad back and I find that the hight and thickness of this pillow really helps. This pillow is giant (IMO), but it works well for different breastfeeding positions.


What are your top picks for living with a newborn? I would love to hear them.

4 Things I Bought on Etsy for my Baby

I’m a big fan of all things Etsy. Etsy is a handmade marketplace that has all kinds of things from home decor items to personalized matching family pyjamas.

In the past, I’ve used Etsy for a variety of things. Gifts for my wedding party, toys for my first child and Christmas gifts for my husband. I even used to sell things on Etsy!

This post is about baby related items that I bought on Etsy and loved.


Personalized iPhone 5 baby toy teether ($16.31) – I think I bought this toy more for me than for her. She never really took to this toy, but it was so well done and we’re great iPhone lovers here I thought it would be perfect. On a side-note, this seller is local. Her shop is in Rockland, Ontario.


Birch tree decal with flying birds ($123.71+) – A little pricey, but worth every penny. This decal was extremely easy to put up and looked great in our daughter’s nursery. I would order from this seller again if I was doing a woodland themed room.


Monthly baby stickers ($12.23) – I bought these on Etsy for my first child. I couldn’t find them anywhere in Ottawa. They were really great and showed well in pictures. I would recommend this seller again.

Personalized baby blanket (not listed) – I bought this for my first on Etsy. I absolutely adored it. With the Canadian $ being so low, I’m going to wait a bit before ordering my second. The receiving blanket was very soft and a great quality. It made for a great memento.

Wish List

While I have not purchased any of these items, I’ve ooh’ing and ahh’ing over them for a long time. Just need to bring myself to hit the “buy”  button. Here are some of my top picks:

Have you purchased anything on Etsy for your little one? What did you buy? Who was the seller?


Buskins capri kids pants on a toddler

Wondering what the kids capri style Buskins leggings look like on a 2.5 year old that wears 3T. Here’s a video: 


Party Ideas

I’ve been a Pinterest user for a very very long time. Before Pinterest existed, I would bookmark, “save as” or clip magazine ideas. I used to glue these ideas into a notebook and hope that I would one day I would make some of these ideas a reality.

My daughter’s third birthday is on my mind today. Yes, I know, it’s 4 months away, but I can’t help but start to think of a theme for her big day.

For her 1st birthday, we did a McDonalds theme (Party Ideas – McDonalds Board) and 2nd we did a beach day (Party Ideas – Under the Sea).

I’m trying to think of a great theme for her 3rd birthday. She has so many different interests right now, that’s it hard to pick one. Here are a few theme ideas that I’ve considered:

What did you do for your child’s 3rd birthday? Do you have a good suggestion of something we could do? Adults would be included in the festivities.

Cotton Infinity Scarf – Once Upon An Extra Stitch


I’m just in love with this scarf.

If you are in love with it too, visit Once Upon An Extra Stitch’s Etsy shop to pick one up.

Don’t forget, she’s having a 40% off sale using coupon code LETITSNOW until March 31st.

Nautical, antique and distressed furniture for sale

My husband has a number of items for sale and a bunch more in storage, I’ll post them up as they’re available.

He commutes from Constance Bay to Downtown daily M-F so delivery/meeting up isn’t a problem.

Best bet for a quick reply or if you have questions is to email me at jennywearsglasses at gmail dot com.

Pale yellow table distressed over black with iron legs.

Very sturdy, unique and has very cottage/beach feel to it. Great shape and finished with a semi-gloss seal for protection

L 46 1/2″ W 23 1/2″ H 16 1/2″

$60 obo

Antique teal side table (with basket) nice shape and looks fantastic. Sealed top. (Pending Sale)

W 24″ H 25 1/2″ D 17″

$60 obo

Antiqued light teal 3-drawer dresser works great and solid. Great for a kids room

W 32 1/2″ H 32″ D 16 1/2″

$65 obo

Antiqued light teal small cabinet with shelf inside, deep and great for storage. Sturdy and solid.

W 21″ H 26 1/2″ D 20 1/2″

$55 obo

Antique white oval hanging mirror

H 20 1/2″ W 14″

$25 obo

Distressed nautical rack. Perfect for entrance ways, kitchen and bathrooms. Has two hangy-things on the bottom.

H 23″ W 11″ D 3″

$25 obo

Blue over red sealed distressed shelf — easily hangs on the wall and a great useful decorative piece for anywhere in the house.

L 23″ H 4 1/2″ D 4 1/2″

$25 obo

Antique teal and white mirror with storage well. (Pending Sale)

H 28 1/2″ W 19″

$50 obo

Happy to package pieces (or everything) for a discount

Located in Constance Bay, delivery negotiable.

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