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Facebook is making me nervous about having a second child

I’ve always known I would like to have a family with two children. It was nice growing up with a sibling and as much as we had our ups and downs, it is really great to always have someone be there for you.

Recently, I’ve cleaned up my Facebook account, by starting to unfollow posts and friends that were not bringing any positivity into my life. A social rest if you will… but by doing this, someone the pages I have been following that I haven’t noticed in a while started popping up. To my surprise, there is a lot of negativity on the internet this week regarding having baby #2.

Here are a few titles of the posts that I’ve read:

10 reasons why the birth of the second child is a difficult time of marriage

Having another baby almost broke me

Baby no 2 is harder on mom than on dad

An apology to my second child

These articles make me so sad. I always knew that having a second child was going to be difficult, but I find this depressing and discouraging and the baby isn’t even here yet!

In the first post by Dr.PsychMom, there is part of the article that I do like and will try and take this advice to heart.

So, if you’re struggling after baby #2, do the following:

1. Wait till 6 months before you make any rash decisions, like that you don’t love each other any more.

2. Start having sex again, even if you’re not feeling it.

3. Start trying to do nice things again for your spouse, even if it feels fake at first.

4. Start doing date nights, or even stay at home date nights if that’s all you can swing right now, emotionally and/or financially.

5. Stop with the small talk.  When you have some down time, turn off the TV and ask each other real questions.

6. Accept that your life has changed, and work together as a team to come up with some practical compromises and ways to make your lives better (e.g., weekly sitter, mother’s helpers, therapy, scheduling sex, not criticizing one another’s parenting, housekeeper twice a month, grocery delivery, ordering in more, designated alone time for socializing/working out for each parent, and so forth).

For those of you with more than one child, how did you do it? Have you read these posts before? What are you thoughts on them?

Naming our second child

I’m totally feeling the tragedy of naming our second child. With our first, I looooved her name. I loved all the possible nicknames that could come from it and that it was bilingual. We put in a lot of thought and consideration into choosing her name. This time, I feel like I’m struggling to find a name I love.

We currently have two runners-up. I don’t want to share them here right now, but they’re nice and we like them… But, I’m not as confident with them as I was with our first daughter’s name.

We would like something bilingual (French/English) again, but easy for our toddler to say. Something that could have a natural nickname to it would be great too.

For those of you with second and third children, how did you choose another name? We’re having another girl and are really having a hard time picking one.

Let me know how you chose your child’s name.

I didn’t do what I promised (I’m sorry)

I guess I left you hanging there in my last blog post and didn’t do what I said I was going to do.  So, here is my brief overview on the life changing events that have gone on since April 2015.

  • I’m pregnant with our second child (due early December). This came as a big surprise for my husband and I, since I have fertility issues and didn’t take any drugs to get pregnant this time. It’s a blessing, but a big surprise for us. It made me laugh a little to, since I attended the Blog Out Loud event in April and in one of Dani’s speeches she said that for some reasons bloggers have a lot of children. They do!
  • We now live a small home west of the city. My husband and I had a long chat about buying/selling our current home or to renovate it. We decided to buy and sell. We sold very quickly and bought the house next door to us. The only problem is, there is a 10 week gap between closing dates, so…
  • We are living in a 30 ft camping trailer. Honestly, it’s been going very well, but the first night was very very difficult for us with our toddler. It was very discouraging, but now she sleeps like a dream all night.
  • With our new gypsy lifestyle, we have taken advantage of travelling with the trailer a few times. We went to Logo’s Land in Coden and camped at a small fair outside of Smith Falls. Coming from a family that camped with a tent trailer when I was younger, camping with your “house” with all your belongings is a hell of a lot easier.
  • Life has not been super easy lately. There has been a lot of stress in my life that I am doing my best coping with and would rather not air that here, but just to let you know that I’m ok, but it’s one of the reasons I’ve taken a step back from regular blogging.

Other little happy things:

  • Our daughter turned 2 and we had a lovely beach day birthday party for her.
  • I’m reading Grey to see what all the fuss is about, it’s o.k.
  • I’ve found two amazing threads on Red Flag Deals for Pampers codes and My Vegas Slots (dreaming of a vacation someday) that I just love browsing.
  • The weather this summer has been beautiful and we have spent a lot of time on the beach.
  • Pinterest does a great job to keep my mind off things.
  • I haven’t watched TV in over a month… Not that it was ever a problem, but kind of nice, you know.
  • Love the new Apple Music update. The playlists are amazing.

That’s it for now. No promises when the next blog post will be, but hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this one.

Hope your having a lovely summer.