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Tedx Talks on Infertility

A couple of years ago, when we were trying to conceive our daughter, we found ourselves in the world of infertility. While I was having trouble coping, I found some great online communities with lots of support to get me through this difficult time. One of them was I did not have to go the ivf route, but I still found everyone’s stories touching and relatable.

It’s been ~ 1.5 years since we’ve had our daughter and I still get email alerts from this forum once in a while. I like to stay looped in with current trends in the infertility world.

This weekend I received an email update with someone who posted this video to the forum:

I love her honesty and her view on her journey through infertility.

After watching this video, I fell upon this one. The male’s point of view.


Have you seen a great video on someone’s journey through infertility?