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Traveling to Jaco, Costa Rica


In a few days, my husband and I will be taking our first vacation together (alone) in a very long time… long like since before we got married long. We really enjoy traveling with friends and family, but this time I’m really looking forward to it just being the two of us. The grandparents have been booked to watch our little one, bags are almost packed and we’re just about ready to go.

Where are we going? Jaco, Costa Rica

We’ve decided to visit this area, based on a recommendation from a collegue of mine who has been to Costa Rica many, many times.

Where are we staying? Room2Board

For this trip, we’ve actually decided to stay in a hostel (yikes!). We’ve never done this before. Based on the recommendations from a variety of travel review sites and their local blog. I can’t wait to stay here! If you’re curious on what we mean by excellent reviews, check out Trip Advisor, Facebook, Hostel World and I’m telling you, I’m impressed.

How are we getting there?

After keeping a very close eye on flight options to travel from YOW (Ottawa, ON) to SJO (San Jose, CR)  using Google Flights, I finally decided to make the jump and book our flights using I have no issues with booking through Google Flights, if the price was right, but there wasn’t a big difference between Expedia and Google Flights. I have more experience booking with and that’s the only reason why I choose one over the other.

How are we getting from the airport to the hostel? Private shuttle

We  have booked a private shuttle from the airport to the hostel and back through the hostel. Since our flight arrives late, I’m glad that it’s them that’s picking us up.

What are we going to do there? I have no idea!

Have you been to Jaco? What did you do there? I can’t help but get more and more excited about this trip after watching the YouTube video above. From the description on the video, it doesn’t look like they visited Jaco, but they did a lot of amazing things in CR that I hope to do some of that cool stuff while we’re there too.

Let me know if you’re been.  What did you do? Any tips for things to pack? What souvenirs do you recommend that we buy?

Will have to blog on how it went when we get back!

Fitness ideas for the working mom

Since returning to work in August 2014, I’ve hardly done anything fitness wise. Between settling into my new position of #workingmom and learning that #omgIhavenomorefreetime it’s been an adjustment. Other than running after my toddler, I haven’t done much fitness wise until January 2015.

In January/February of this year, I started going to a boot camp class in West Carleton. It’s really hard, but really good. The teacher is great, very motivating and I really feel that I get challenged every single class… twice a week. But my classes are ending next week and I’m going away on vacation for a few days, so I’m reassessing what my action plan is when I return.

As much as I would like to continue boot camp, twice a week, it’s a big committeement for me and my free time, my husband and our bank account. I really want to continue, I’m leaning more towards starting again in the spring, but I’m curious… What do you working mom’s do for fitness? How do you fit in a healthy lifestyle with a little one (or two)?

I’ve actually considered Google’ing workouts with toddlers, but I can’t imagine my daughter ever laying down long enough for me to do a push up with her underneath me.. but if you do do workouts with your kids, what do you do?

If you have any great suggestions for classes, I would be looking in the downtown core over lunch hour and in the west end (Kanta North/West Carleton) in the evenings.

Let me know.

Baby shower gift ideas


I was asked recently asked to suggest a few gift ideas for attending a friend’s baby shower.  Here is a list of a few things that I absolutely loved while on maternity leave and shortly after:

Loved this carrier. I had originally bought the Baby Bjorn carrier second-hand. I didn’t love it as much as the Ergo. The padding for the shoulders made a huge difference for me. In case you’re wondering, I never ended up buying the infant insert , but I did do the receiving blanket trick to use the carrier when she was very young.

Loved and still love this book.

We’ve just recently stopped using these. These feeders were great when our daughter was learning to self feed. We could put all kind of things in these feeders and not have to worry about her choking. My trick when I was shopping? Fill them up with Cheerios or Goldfish, attach a pacifier cord to it and let her munch on it while you browse your little heart away.

Once she grew out of the baby bath, we moved her to the inflatable duck bath. It was great when she was just learning how to sit up. It was soft on her back to keep her upright in the tub. Highly recommend.

She was always (and still is) attracted to books that are touch-n-feel. There are lots to choose from. I like the ones about animals.

I found suction bowls hard to find in the stores. Amazon has a few different ones to choose from. We have these ones and love them.

  • Diapers size 4

Because I feel like our daughter will be in size 4 diapers f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

  • PJ’s with zippers only (18 months +)

Buttons are stupid. Our kid moves around all the time. I can’t imagine trying to do up buttons when she’s wiggling around. I also recommend buying 18 month + sleepers or pj’s, because everyone will buy the mommy-to-be 12 months and under pjs.

What are your go to shower gifts? Let me know in the comment section below.

My kid bit another kid

Last night, we picked up our kiddo from daycare and got told that she bite another kid. Hard. On the hand.

Thoughts that went through my head:

  • Panic: “Oh no! They’re going to kick her out of daycare!”
  • Embarrassed: “I’m so so sorry.”
  • Helpful: “What can I do to stop this behaviour?”
  • Apologetic: “Should I write the other parents an apology note?”
  • Excuses: “She’s teething…”
  • Worried: “Will this be the first time of many??”

These are a few of the things that went through my head when I was told that my daughter bit another kid at daycare. Basically, I just feel like an a terrible parent. To be honest, she doesn’t really do this at home. So it surprised me. The daycare provider did a great job telling me about it and gave me strategies to discourage it, but still, I can’t help feeling awful about it.

I’m really hoping that this was a one time thing and it was because of teething, but I honestly have no idea. She’s starting to talk, so I could have been frustration that made her to doing this (more excuses)… regardless, it sucks.

I just did a quick search on the web and found these great tips on how to stop your child from biting:

  • They might be in pain from teething.  Make sure to always have a cool teething ring or washcloth on hand so he or she will be less likely to sink teeth into someone’s arm. (WebMD)
  • Tell them it’s wrong. When your child bites, use simple but firm words. Try, “that’s biting, that’s wrong” or a firm “no”. (Super Nanny)
  • Depending on the age of the child, timeouts might be appropriate. (Kids Health)
  • Try and redirect the behaviour. This works too for face-slapping (see Dr. Sears website for tips)

For parents of kids that have bitten, what do you do to stop /discourage this behaviour?