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Hates nose suckers

Hydrasense YouTube instruction video (fast forward to 1:56 for applying it to a baby)


Using Hydrasense to clean out our toddler’s nose is next to impossible. Not only does she hate it, I have anxiety that she might have a breath holding spell while we do it. Cheo has taught us “the hold” so that we can suck those boggers out, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

I’ve been searching the internet for alternatives to using these nose suckers and here are some great ideas I found.

  • Run a h​umidifier or cool-mist vaporizer near your baby’s crib (source)
  • Put a small amount of Vaporub on child’s soles at bed time, put on woolen socks, this helps the baby sleep even if she has a stuffy/runny nose. (source)
  • Use steam to help relieve a stuffy nose. Stay in the bathroom with your toddler for 15-20 minutes. (source)
  • Try to teach your child to blow her stuffed or runny nose (source)
  • Raise the crib mattress (source)
  • Use the good ol’ adult finger nail (kidding)

Do you have any other great tips on clearing a toddlers nose?

Updating Ottawa Bucket List

I’m currently updating the Jenny Wears Glasses Ottawa Bucket List and would love to hear of some of your suggestions for fun things to do in Ottawa. I’m having a case of the winter blahs and would love some great ideas on fun things to do with a 1 1/2 year old.

Here’s my list so far.

Please let me know if you have any more suggestions!

You’re lucky I got dressed today

Before kids

You’re lucky I got dressed today. I stayed up late watching Dancing with the Stars and drinking wine that I completely forgot to set my alarm and ended up sleeping in until 8:00am. I barely had enough time to get dressed to come to work today!


After kids

You’re lucky I got dressed today! After waking up at 5:30am from barely sleeping last night (thank you teething toddler), I barely managed to do my morning business without having our toddler scream for me through the bathroom door. When I finally finished putting on my make up on, I went to the bedroom to get dressed. Between trying to convince our daughter not to slam her fingers opening and closing the closet doors and have her yell at me for “crackers”, I somehow managed to get dressed for work today.

Meditation for parents with unhappy toddler in car seat

Today on the way to work, I googled “Meditation for parents with unhappy toddler in-car seat” and surprised that nothing came up*. Since birth, our daughter has hated her car seat. It’s funny, because don’t all kids love their car seat?

At some point, I considered going through the Starbucks drive-thru a game of chance. Was she going to cry for the entire time we were waiting in line or was she going to be quiet? You never know. Even just driving around town was (still is) a challenge. As soon as the car stopped, she would start to cry. I have to admit, I may have rolled a few stop signs in these moments of stress.

At 17 months, things are a little better now, but still not great. For Christmas we asked for gifts to help keep her busy in the back seat on the way to and from daycare. While in general these things do help, for the most part, she’s still very upset.

In short of considering moving closer to her daycare or switching daycare to make things easier on us, I need to find more solutions. I don’t want to move from where I now live and I don’t want to switch her daycare, because I love both of these things just where they are.

So now I’m searching the Internet on how to make the car seat more enjoyable for a toddler. There are lots of great ideas out there , but I would love to hear from you. What are your tried and true methods to make your kid love being in the car?







*After writing this blog post, I found an article “Meditation for Moms” on the Today’s Parent website. The one line I love from this article is:

“The benefits of meditation are felt most when you practise daily, but find time whenever you can. “Even taking five deep breaths at a stoplight is a way to bring a meditation practice into your day,” Pancer says.”

I’m going to start doing this.

Mr. Stork has arrived in Ottawa!


I don’t know about you, but it feels like Mr. Stork has arrived in Ottawa. If feels like a baby boom is happening in Ottawa. Don’t you feel like everyone you know has either had a baby, having a baby or trying to have a baby. It’s wonderful news. All of it. Super excited for all of you and your friends. We’re adding to Ottawa’s population people! Keep it up!

I have to admit that when someone tells me their having a baby, I’m eager to tell them about all the cool websites, checklists and forums that they should sign up for.  I’m that guy. Some websites that offered me some fabulous advice and tips that I just have to share with everyone.

When I was pregnant, I was very thankful when people offered their two cents. Of course, you always take what you want from it and leave the rest, which is what I hope you will do with the following list.

Here is my list of great websites and resources that you should pay attention to if you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or have a little one.

Trying to have a baby

Getting pregnant wasn’t easy for my husband and I (I’ll save that story for another blog post). While we were trying to “relax and let it happen”, here are a few websites that I kept my eyes on while we were trying to conceive (TTC).

Baby Centre – Community: They have a great TTC section for those that want to talk with others that are going through the same thing. They also have subgroups for those dealing with more specific and/or delicate situations.

Fertility Friend: A great online tracking tool to figure out your ovulation window. If you are tracking your temperature, this site will be very useful for you. They also have a great app that you can download for free.

Ottawa Fertility Center: I count myself very lucky to have been refered here. This clinic took really good care of us and if you ever have to visit this center, I hope they take good care of you too.

Early Pregnancy Tests Online: Buying all those pregnancy and ovulation tests can really add up. This website has great prices on everything you’ll need TTC.


Your pregnant (!*$&!)

Congrats! This is the time to take care of yourself and indulge in those crazy cravings (buffalo chicken wraps and red delicious apples for me!). Don’t worry about how much you’re sleeping. Do it. Take advantage of it. You’ll be surprised how little you’ll get later (unless you have a “angel baby” that sleeps all night from day 1… then I hate you… just kidding.. sort of).

Baby Centre – Community: Once you’re pregnant, move over to the pregnancy section. Baby Centre has also created birth groups, so that you can interact with other moms who are due around the same time as you. Baby Centre also has some great apps that you can download which will track your baby’s progress week by week.

Baby Centre – Baby Registry Checklist: I love lists. This is a great one to get your baby registry up and going. It’s very overwhelming all the stuff you need to buy. This is a great checklist to get you started.

Old Navy Maternity: Shortly after you get pregnant you’ll start to notice that some things that fit loose one day, might be a little tighter the next. In comes maternity clothing. You may be lucky and get a wack load of clothing that you’re previous pregnant friend has and lets you borrow, but you might be pregnant in the opposite season as her or what she’s lending to you really isn’t your style.  Every Old Navy in Canada, I believe as of February 2013, should now have a small maternity clothing section. Old Navy often have sales on clothing (40% off everything!). So keep an eye out for these sales. Thyme and Motherhood Maternity also have good sales too once in a while.

Freebies for new moms: Sign up for ALL OF THEM. So fun!


Baby is here (!*$&! x2)

Now let the fun begin. Most of us have no idea what were doing. Just keep in mind, this baby has never had a parent before you, so don’t worry if you mess up, it can judge you.

A Cup of Joe (blog): I love this blog and her writing style. She’s a mom with two boys living in New York. My favorite blog post on her blog, is actually written by her husband. Every new mom and dad should read 8 confessions of a new dad. I have to agree with the 9 month comment. Let me know what you think.

Jenny wears glasses list of Ottawa consignment stores: For everything else that you didn’t get at your baby shower, don’t forget to go to visit consignment stores. You can often find what you need, in great condition and at a lower price.

Sleep Easy Solution: For those parents that might need to sleep train their kid. This book saved us.  I buy it for every baby shower I go to now. I always hope that you will never have to open or use this book, but I always find it comforting to know that you have it in your back pocket.

Information about Breath Holding Spells: Now I’m not adding this here to scare anyone, it’s more for information purposes. I never heard of this before I had my daughter and knew nothing about it.


What are your favorite websites/resources/tips? Let me know. I would love to hear them.