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Breath Holding Spell #3

Yesterday, we saw our daughter’s third breath holding spell. Each time has been very different from the last. We keep looking for triggers, but we haven’t found a consistent “trigger” as of yet.

1st spell – (14 months) Happened at 1:00pm. Tried to reach for a remote control on the coffee table, slipped and fell (not hard). She started to cry. I consoled her and then she had a spell in my arms.

2nd spell – (15 months) Happened at 1:00pm. Tried to help her put her shoes on, but she wanted to do it herself. She started to cry. I consoled her and then she had a spell in my arms.

3rd spell – (16 months) Happened at  6:00am. Tried to ask me to give her different things on the coffee table. I wasn’t passing her the right thing, tried to get her to show me the object, got frustrated and had another spell in my arms.

Each time was so different, other than each spell has happened in my arms. The last two spells, I think was due to trouble communicating. It seems that she been getting them once a month, which is not a lot, but still worrisome for me.

Each time we treat her as if she’s having a seizure. We put on the ground on her side, in a safe place and make sure that she has nothing that she could choke on in her mouth. The last two times, we gently poured water behind her neck which it seems to help. It wakes her up and she gasps for air. It seems to take a few pours to keep her with us, but whatever it takes, we’ll do it. It’s not recommend to use water, due to fear of water getting in her mouth and potentially choking her. We’re very careful and luckily, there was two of us when we did it.

Does your child have breath holding spells? How often do they happen? What do you do to get them to come out of the spell quicker?


I haven’t been making kale chips or putting limits on ice cream



This page from The Honest Toddler book couldn’t have hit home more. There are may times I’ve thought about  “deactivating” my WordPress account. I’m not “special”. I don’t have time to make kale chips. I haven’t been doing uber cool crafts that I need to share with the world. I’ve been in survival mode, just taking it one day at a time.

My honest toddler has been taking its toll on me, but a good way. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had our (really great) ups and downs. We rode are riding the rollercoaster of illnesses. From her to me, to him, back to her, to me, to him. *sigh* Daycare. It hasn’t been easy.

We also had another Breath Holding Spell last month. This time, it was not due to injury, but because she wanted to put her shoes on herself. I wanted to help her and then BAM another spell. This is actually the reason I am keeping this blog open. There is a lot of information on the internet about Breath Holding Spells, but nothing about parenting a child that has them. I can only find medical information on the Internet and it basically advises parents to keep going on normally about their lives and if it happens it happens. I get it. Thanks Internet. But that doesn’t mean that I’m seriously anxious about seeing her look lifeless on the ground for a minute. I know she’s not going to die from a spell, but how do I get her to put her shoes* one without having a spell, because to be quite honest, it’s distributing to see your child turn blue. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve found some great support groups online for this. If you’re reading this because you are searching the Internet for parenting advice for children with BHS, check FACEBOOK.

Other than this, I have stop apologizing for not doing things that I said that I would do once my daughter has gone to bed. With going back to work, I get ~ 1-2 hours of free time a day. SAHM I know you probably get even less than this and I salute you. With my free time, I want to blog, do the dishes, laundry, clean up. Instead I browse Pinterest, read the flyers, play Simpson’s Tapped Out on my phone. I do whatever I feel like doing at that exact moment and I’ve stopped feeling bad about it. So, yes, I haven’t been blogging or making kale chips, but I have thought about you.

Today, I’m home sick with my child. We’re on day 3 or 4 (I’ve stopped counting) of what we originally thought was the flu and has ended up being a pneumonia and something else that I can’t spell. She’s doing alright, but is very lethargic (which is very unlike our spirited child). To top it off, I’m getting sick too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick update. I’m still here. I still love blogging and do plan to post more. Please be patient with me. I do have a lot of great things to say and hope that you’ll continue to read.







* BTW, my parenting advice for this one and it seems to have helped us, is that I get her to help put on my slip-on shoes first and then I help her put her shoes on. This seems to have worked.