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Things that I’ve been doing instead of blogging

Playing on my new iPhone 6+

Reading 50 Shades of Grey (again)

Uploading my family photos to Google Drive

Visiting Saunder’s Farm

Celebrating my birthday!

What have you been doing???

Songs about places

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear I’m in Miami B&*$ch! It makes me want to travel to Miami. Sad I know. What can I say, I’m a sucker for advertising.

Here are a few songs about places that you could visit. Let me know if you think of any others.


Toronto, Ontario


Miami, Florida


New York, New York


Las Vegas, Nevada


San Francisco, California




What song makes you think of a destination?

Loving Google Drive

What have I been doing the past couple of nights? I mentioned in an early post, I’ve been trying to find a good website to store all our family photos. Recently, I’ve become really paranoid that one day, our house it going to burn down and we’ll lost everything on our laptop. Enter Google Drive.

For the past week, I’ve been uploading photo, upon photo to Google Drive. I’m already a huge fan* of Google products (Gmail, calendar, documents), moving to Drive was a no brainer. I just wanted to make sure that all my photos wouldn’t be shared with the world, just the people who I choose.

The free version of Google Drive stores up to 15GB. I recently had to upgrade to the 100GB for $1.99/month to store our family photos and documents. I think it’s money well spent.

Have you tried Google Drive? What do you store and share on the Drive?



*I’m such a huge fan that I recently took a Google test and now have a Certificate of Achievement because I passed the Google Education Basics Exam. Ha!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends

Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian Internet friends!

Here’s a quick list of things I’m thankful for:

  • My daughter
  • My husband
  • My parents and brother
  • My in-laws
  • My friends
  • My home
  • My job

I’m pretty thankful for all the great people I have around me

What are you thankful this thanksgiving?


Sleep Training Round 2

Today is Day 4 of our mission to sleep train our daughter. For the last two months, we’ve been very easy-going with her night wakings. In the past two months she:

  • started walking
  • started daycare
  • got her molars
  • got sick x3
  • had a breath holding spell
  • we’ve gone away for the weekend or for work
  • switched her cribs

Last week was the last straw. After getting up 3x a night for a week, I think she’s got us trained. It’s time to train the trainer.

Since night feedings are our biggest issue, we started doing the strategy mentioned in the Sleepeasy Solution. She was eating 9+ oz a night some nights and we had to change her diaper because they were so heavy and wet.

For about a week, prior to sleep training, I started tracking:

  • when she got up
  • how much she actually ate

In the end, she wasn’t eating as much as we thought she was when she was getting up.

Our sleep training strategy was:

  • 2x –  Go in 1/2 hour before she would normally cry and dream feed her the actual amount of oz that she would actually eat (do not fill up the bottle all the day).
  • When she cries, do our checks, but don’t go in and pick her up.

We’re on Day 4 and so far it’s been working. Our schedule tonight is:

  • 10:30pm – 2oz
  • 2:30am – 3oz

Soon, we’ll only be on 1 feed of 1 oz! We’re on our way to a full night sleep folks!

Did you ever had to sleep train your child a second time? Did you ever have to sleep train your child for the first time as a toddler?

I would love to hear your sleep training stories.

Get your toddler to paint a pumpkin

Painting #halloween #pumpkins tonight.

#14 on my list of 41 things to do during the Halloween season was to get your toddler to paint a pumpkin. Since she’s still a bit young for real paint, this is what we did.


  • 2 small pumpkins (I got ours at the Superstore for .99 cents each)
  • 1 vanilla pudding
  • 3 small plastic containers
  • Food colouring (red, yellow, blue and green)
  • 2 paint brushes
  • Bench
  • The great outdoors

What we did:

  • Distribute the pudding in three plastic containers
  • Mixed one each one with different colour food colouring
  • Brought our mini pumpkins and art supplies outside
  • Let her go wild!

The finished product:

Finished art #pumpkin painting

It was such a success. Our 14 month old daughter really enjoyed herself. She never put the pudding in her mouth, but she could have if she wanted to.

Have you ever used food as paint before? What have you used in the past?


Saving your photos

Hello Internets,

What website do you use to save your family photos? Do you use an online site like Photobucket, Flickr or Picasa? Do you dump everything into a cloud? Do you back things up on USB or external hard drives? People! How do you stay organized!?!?!?

I’ve been stressed out lately that my computer will crash one of these days and I won’t have any of my photos, other than the ones I post on social media sites.

Please let me know what you do.

New Years Eve Destinations

It’s only October 5 and I’m already starting to think about what to do for New Years Eve (NYE).  I really like NYE.  It’s really just another opportunity to hang out with the people you love, drink champagne and talk about memories from the past year. But honestly, any reason to drink champagne is a good one in my books.

Last year, I didn’t get to spend NYE with my husband. We had made last-minute plans to go to a party and he got sick and went home. Boo. This year, I would really like it if we spent it together. Not sure what we’ll do yet, whatever it is, it will be together.

I’ve started to create a list of places that I’ve thought we could go to. So far, we haven’t come close to a decision on what we’ve liked to do.

Type of places we’ve had in mind:

  • Cottage
  • Hotel
  • Resort


  • Ottawa and surrounding area
  • Rural Ontario
  • Muskoka and surrounding area
  • Kingston
  • Open to other ideas

Website’s I’ve used so far:

I’m not coming up with much. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but looking for something nice, fun and something that if we had another couple of friends that wanted to join us it would be easy to add them to the cottage/hotel/resort…

Do you have any suggestions? Is there somewhere that you could recommend that we take a look at?

Let me know!


Please note that this blog post may contain affiliate links.

flight and Hotel deals

41 Halloween-y things to do in october


{costume: Hello Kitty}

This is my daughter’s year of “firsts”. Last year, she didn’t react much to the holidays. She was a cute, adorable potato. Even though she was still a little person, she didn’t laugh, react or point to things the way she does now. NOW, the holidays are going to get interesting. She’s going to react to things, pull ornaments off trees, get scared, eat some treats, she’s going to really experience  the holidays.

Now, she may or may not remember these days, but hopefully with the magic of photo and video, I can help her remember some of these beautiful moments and start traditions that will continue for years to come.

The first holiday that I’m really excited for it Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do you get to dress up, eat delicious pumpkin spiced food and carve pumpkins, my birthday is in October (not near Halloween, but close enough).

This year, as I want to make a Halloween special. I’ve made a list of great things to do during the Halloween season.

  1. Eat pumpkin poop
  2. Spider ice cubes
  3. Make pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon for breakfast
  4. Make Halloween cookies
  5. Make hot dog mummies for dinner
  6. Make hot apple cider
  7. Make hot mulled wine
  8. Make pumpkin pretzels
  9. Make tin can lanterns
  10. Glowing ghosts
  11. Magnetic spiders
  12. Candy centrepiece: using candy corn, candy pumpkins, add a tree (use a paper towel roll to keep the tree in place)
  13. Make a monster door
  14. Get your toddler to paint a pumpkin
  15. Tissue paper ghosts
  16. Spooky forest craft (black construction paper, branches and googly eyes)
  17. Halloween preschool sensory bag pumpkin
  18. Masking tape mummy
  19. Slimy eyes (sensory bag with cheap hair gel)
  20. Erupting pumpkins
  21. Goggly eye soup
  22. Goblin gut sensory painting (might be fun to do in the water/sand table)
  23. Flying ghosts rockets
  24. Pumpkin bowling
  25. DIY Halloween Hair Dye (with sidewalk chalk)
  26. Watch adult Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus, Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  27. Watch a Halloween movie kids (The Haunted Mansion, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Casper)
  28. Make a Halloween necklace
  29. Colour a Halloween picture
  30. Rake the leaves and play in them
  31. Make a Halloween garland
  32. Wrap up kids like mummies
  33. Play tic-tac-ghost
  34. Make a wall of bats
  35. Bobbing for apples
  36. Carve a pumpkin (tips)
  37. Bake pumpkin seeds
  38. Visit a pumpkin patch (Ontario)
  39. Tell a spooky campfire story with a flashlight
  40. Eat or make caramel apples
  41. Go trick or treating

Do you have any fun Halloween activities that I could add to my list?

Free things you can get on your birthday in Ottawa (Canada)

October is my birthday month and what better way of celebrating getting a year older is to get free stuff. Here is a list of things that you can get for free on your birthday:


  • Boston Pizza: sign up and get a complimentary plate of pasta or dessert on your birthday.
  • Milestones: bring three friends with you to dinner and get your meal free
  • Swiss Chalet: Kids eat free on their birthday.


  • Baskin Robbins: Join their birthday club and get 2.5 oz scoop on your birthday.
  • Booster Juice: Get a free smoothie on your birthday. Must sign up online.
  • Starbucks: Get a free coffee on your birthday when you sign up for Starbucks rewards.


  • Sephora: Get a free freebie in your inbox when you’re part of their rewards program.
  • Toys “R” Us: Free birthday gift card until your child turns 10.


  • Prime Minister: “A congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister of Canada for your 65th and 70th Birthday and a certificate for your 75th birthday.”


Do you know of any other great free things on your birthday in Ottawa? Let me know in the comments below.