Why my maternity leave rocks with a toddler and infant


I’m the first to admit, I was scared of the idea of being at home with a toddler and infant. I was stressed out about breastfeeding Katie, while trying to keep Isabelle busy. I was worried Isabelle was going to lose her French and that Katie wouldn’t have most of my attention.

I was wrong.


We do have our share of bad days, but here are a few reasons why my second maternity leave rocks with a toddler and infant:

  1. We take advantage of playgroups. With Isabelle, I didn’t do any playgroups at all. We did do mommy and baby yoga and did a lot of shopping, but with Katie hating the car seat, we aren’t going very far. I’m also very fortunate that a lot of my very good girlfriends are stay-at-home moms and on maternity leave. I’ve also made a lot of new mom-friends at these playgroups too.
  2. Isabelle keeps things interesting. We do crafts, play house, sing, read books. Katie is great, but she can’t sing “something in my shoe“, so we sing it to her.
  3. I get to see Isabelle grow up. She’s learning at lightening speed. I’m at the point now that she needs to slow down on the growing up. She’s such a kind soul. I don’t want that to change ever.
  4. Isabelle is as excited as I am when Katie learns a new skill. Watching her roll from side to side or making her laugh just makes our day.
  5. My mom has been at my place, (almost) every day with the girls. I still haven’t mastered the art of the nap for the girls, but that’s okay. I love having my mom come over and help me with them. I’ll never have this kind of time with her again when I go back to work. I’m very appreciative that she’s taken the time to come help me.

I’m sure there are a lot more reasons why I’m really enjoying this maternity leave, but I’ll save those for another blog post.